MDGs: Hurdles On The Path Of Reproductive Health

This is so important and can’t be overemphasized. We need to provide enough for the future. How do we do that when there are so many unwanted kids and when young people keep migrating to urban areas and leave farming. Who’s going to provide the food for this growth in population. Which is why so many futuristic movies show us lacking food. I believe its going to be a major problem if steps aren’t taken.

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JUST when other countries are counting their gains of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in maternal and child-health, that of Nigeria is getting even worse due to Federal Government’s indifference to the programme.

Barely 400 days to the end of the MDGs’ 15-year action plan, serious threats lie in the way of the little gains nation recorded in reducing maternal and child deaths.

Indeed, practitioners in the field are already having sleepless nights, meeting behind the scene, talking in hush tones, quivering at possibilities, shaking in disbelief and resigning to silent prayers for divine intervention. And unless it happens, the entire country will be in dire straits.

Fillers show that major international donor agencies are threatening to scale down support for reproductive health in 2015. The agencies have in the last 14 years, not only driven the maternal and reproductive health intervention in the country, they have more or less funded…

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