A female perspective: Review of Americanah by Jennifer Ihebunachi

Review by a Never-been-to-America female Nigerian.



Americanah for me had a lot of themes. I identified with Ifemelu. As a young girl she was a lot idealistic and I admired her uniqueness which is really what happens when we are young but after all her travails in the USA, a bout with depression, living the “American dream” like a romance novel where she met a rich white guy who I feel she left too much to. She lost a lot of her values and became a sellout in my opinion. She became really successful though. What I like about ifemelu though is that she never loses her self awareness and its for this reason that she realises she needs to go back to her country.

Even though she is hypocritical, judgmental and becomes a bit of an educated snob, she is a real person whose flaws are real just like we all are but also has…

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