Religion in Nigeria: A comparative analysis of UK & Nigerian attitudes towards religion.

This is written by a friend on the ICS programme with me and although its a good one I do disagree with the “persecuted minority”. Wole Soyinka is a well respected atheist. And most Christians understand that the creation story is a lot more complicated and figuritative than portrayed in the bible.


Over the course of the past two weeks I have been met with a number of clear and distinct realities whilst adjusting to life outside of the UK. The weather is hot, the customs are foreign to me, infrastructure and daily necessities such as access to reliable electricity are scarce. However, it would be crude to present a solely negative image of Nigerian life. It is clear that the people are much more hospitable, their relaxed attitudes toward daily life a paradox to the rushed UK life styles we lead. They value family and community, elders are treated with utmost respect, and the food is completely alien to the British pallet. Ultimately, UK and Nigerian lifestyles differ at every conceivable angle and can be expressed profoundly in our different attitudes towards religion.
Since my in country orientation it is obvious that Nigerians are an intrinsically religious people. This affirmation was…

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